…from Cupcakes to Cakes

If you like the flavor options for cupcakes but are looking for a whole cake for your event, you can turn cupcake flavors into whole cakes!

Our Samoa cupcake is made up of chocolate cake, coconut buttercream, toasted coconut, drizzled caramel and chocolate, and a samoa cookie:

IMG_4492…and here is that same flavor turned into a cake:

IMG_4824You can use cupcake flavors or create your own flavor combination – we’ll help you design the perfect cake for your occasion!


Cupcake Towers!

If you’re ordering a large amount of cupcakes for your event, consider renting our cupcake tower that also can fit a cake on the top tier. Our cupcake tower is sturdy and is solid white – unlike most corrugated cardboard towers that are available in stores. Cupcake towers can be adjustable by size and can hold up to approximately 150 cupcakes.


[pictured: Vegas themed bridal shower cupcake tower with 75 cupcakes and a 6″ round cutting cake and flavor signs]

IMG_3942 IMG_3941


[pictured: wedding cupcake tower with 120 cupcakes and a 6″ round cutting cake and flavor signs]

Handmade Flavor Signs are also available to match your theme – $3 each

Cupcake Tower Rental Fee – $10

Please contact us at frostingandlacecakes@gmail.com

or message us at facebook.com/frostingandlace

for more information

Holiday Cupcakes!

Our Holiday Cupcake flavors are here!

  • Cranberry Eggnog (vanilla with soft cranberries folded in – topped with nutmeg spiced eggnog buttercream and gold sugar sparkles)
  • Christmas Tree (vanilla – topped with vanilla buttercream, red, green, and white sprinkles, and a star)
  • Lindt Chocolate Raspberry (dark chocolate baked around a chocolate raspberry Lindt truffle – topped with raspberry buttercream and fresh raspberries)
  • Peppermint Mocha (mocha – topped with peppermint buttercream, crushed peppermint chocolate candies and a mini candy cane)
  • Winter Wonderland (chocolate – topped with white chocolate buttercream, silver sprinkles, and white chocolate snowflakes)


(pictured: Cranberry Eggnog & Christmas Tree and Peppermint Mocha)


(pictured: Lindt Chocolate Raspberry & Winter Wonderland)

New Years Specials

  • Raspberry Champagne (champagne cake – topped with raspberry buttercream and gold sugar sparkles)
  • Oreo Ball Drop(chocolate – topped with oreo buttercream and a Oreo truffle on a lollipop stick)


frostingandlacecakes@gmail.com or facebook.com/frostingandlace

1 dozen – $24

2 dozen – $46


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